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The Purposeful Learning School By BioEndeavor

As part of our commitment to climate action, BioEndeavor is launching the Purposeful Learning School program to engage students on climate change, climate action, and green innovation through the STEAM disciplines. If you have young children or students who ask you “Why do I have to learn this?” and want to understand the purpose behind the STEAM disciplines, please contact us to learn more about this program. We have attached our flyer with more information on our goals for bringing purpose into the classroom curriculum.

In our first session of the Purposeful Learning School, we will be traveling the world learning how drones can help our farmers produce food for the world more sustainably. Students will use science to design their drones, understand various mathematical principles by thinking about what quantitative information the drone will collect for farmers, leverage persuasive writing to convince the local government to provide grants/funding to farmers to purchase drones for their farms, and use art to express their emotions through images of our farmers and the impact of climate change/action. We are so excited to start working with our young students.

BioEndeavor Academy Purposeful Learning Flyer
Download PDF • 1.34MB

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