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Our Board of Directors​

Dr. Minna Allarakhia, President and Chair of the Board BioEndeavor
Dr. Minna Allarakhia is currently the President and Chair of BioEndeavor. As an educator, Dr. Allarakhia brings over 15 years of experience in the areas of social innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainability, designing for the BoP, as well as empowering women into sustainability. Dr. Minna Allarakhia is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University.

Mr. Alkarim Damani, Co-Founder and Principal, Intelligo Partners Inc.
Alkarim Damani has over 19 years experience in the convergence area of information technology including applications to educational m
arkets and the AI sector. Alkarim Allarakhia is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ms. Raudhwat Maalim, Social Innovator and Entrepreneur, Zanzibar 

Raudhwat Maalim is a dedicated and passionate science educator and researcher. She is committed to fostering engaging learning environments and contributing to meaningful research in environmental science. Raudhwat has been a key collaborator seeking to bridge education, research, and environmental impact.

Raisa Zahra, CEO of the My Mind My Hand Initiative Raisa Zahra is the founder and CEO of the My Mind My Hand Initiative focused on empowering young women through social entrepreneurship and global citizenship. The initiative builds STEAM and human skill development for younger women through social venture development and educator training programs.



Ms. Nano Chatfield, is the Co-Founder and Chair of The Girls Foundation of Tanzania (TGFT)
The Girls Foundation of Tanzania is a community dedicated to learning, collaborating, volunteering, training and teaching. TGFT provides educational support for bright girls and young women living in extreme poverty. TGFT's support includes tuition scholarship as well as learning opportunities outside the classroom.


CIFAL York envisions a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable world, empowering communities to overcome global challenges, while integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals for shaping a better future.
 CIFAL York is part of UNITAR's global network of training centers for knowledge-sharing, training, and capacity-building for leaders, local authorities, and civil society. Established in 2020 as a partnership between UNITAR, York University and York Region, CIFAL York started its operation in June 2021 as the first CIFAL Centre in Canada. CIFAL York is dedicated to serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and capacity building among government officials, the private sector, academia, and civil society. CIFAL York works towards a global outreach and positive change through bridging gaps and facilitating a range of inspirational training and research opportunities. CIFAL York’s focus areas include Health, Development, Environment and Climate Change, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Imran Allarakhia, CEO of the Sustainability4Everyone Initiative Imran Allarakhia is the founder and CEO of the Sustainability4Everyone Initiative focused on engaging youth, adults, and educators on sustainability and climate action through the development of the "sustainable living mindset" and the provision of educational resources on climate action.

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