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Climate Education Series: Responsible Consumption- Seeing the People Behind our Products

A BioEndeavor Video by: Aisha, Chizi, Kaitonna, Kamsi, Alina, and Suraiya (as part of our TED-Ed Curriculum)

LESSON: How are producers actively enabling consumers to consume responsibly?

GOALS: Students will learn about responsible production and responsible consumption.

Assignment 12: Students should begin this activity by defining ‘responsible production’ and ‘responsible consumption’. Thereafter, working in groups, students should select an organization that is producing responsibly and enabling people to consume their products more responsibly. Examples of responsible production can include: using few or eliminating toxic materials/components, using natural resources more efficiently, sourcing locally, using fair trade practices, increasing the durability and efficiency of products for consumers, enabling products to be reused, repaired, or recycled. Examples of responsible consumption can include: enabling consumers to be more efficient with respect to resource or energy usage, enabling consumers to reuse or repair products, encouraging consumers to recycling materials. Each group will present their company examples to their peers.

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