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Transitioning from Middle to High School, from High School to Middle School

Supporting your child to transition well from middle to high school and from high school to post secondary school. Thinking about courses, extracurricular activities, schools, programs, and professors that empower students to find fulfillment, happiness and  purpose in school, their careers and life. 
Work with faculty and alumna from MIT, Brown University, Harvard, McGill, University of Waterloo.
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At school

Transitioning from Middle to High School

  1. Determine which high schools will match your academic needs.

  2. Explore emerging careers across the STEAM disciplines to make a connection to courses.

  3. Map out your courses and search for creative opportunities to augment your high school academic experience. 

  4. Map out extracurricular activities to start building your portfolio for supplementary applications.

  5. Hourly rates and packages available. 


Building my Portfolio for Supplementary Applications; Funding my Education 

  1. ​Explore opportunities for global citizenship and social innovation. 

  2. Explore opportunities for entrepreneurship, research and internships. 

  3. Apply for competitions that align with your future career plans. 

  4. Begin to explore funding opportunities for post secondary school.

  5. Hourly rates and packages available. 

School's out

Transitioning from Middle to High School


  1. Electives

  2. Specialized programs/certificates

  3. STEAM based programs

  4. Co-op

Student Portrait

Thinking about Majors and Minors; Searching for Integrative Programs

  1. Explore majors and minors.

  2. Explore interdisciplinary and self-designed programs.

  3. Understand the value of the co-curricular record.

  4. Consider opportunities for international placements.

  5. Think about graduate and professional school.

University Building

Transitioning from High School to Post Secondary School

  1. Explore over 120+ emerging careers in STEAM. Par

  2. Explore university, college and the trades.

  3. Complete BioEndeavor's backcasting exercise to clarify how to attain your ideal career.

  4. Conduct an in-depth analysis of schools, professors, programs, and courses. Get the "inside" view from our faculty.

  5. Explore co-op, mentorships, internships, and global placements that will build your mindset for global citizenship. 

  6. Hourly rates and packages available. 

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