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The JNS Endeavor
Engaging and Empowering Older Adults

The JNS Endeavor is in memory of three exceptionally strong women:
Jenabai, Nurjehan and Sherbanu each representing strength, light, and the female protector.

We created this initiative to remember and commemorate their lives.
From their life lessons, we hope to engage and empower older adults in
writing the next chapter in their life stories while living a healthy and purposeful life.  

Happiness through Purpose 

Studies indicate that people who have a larger purpose in mind are more resilient, are better able to handle the challenges they face, and feel a deeper sense of happiness. The JNS Endeavor assists semi-retired and retired people find new meaning in their lives through self-reflection and analysis, brainstorming and mapping out new opportunities for engagement in our local and global communities.

Enabling older adults to find

happiness through purpose in the next chapter of their lives.

Work with us through: Workshops, speaking engagements,
or our on-demand course 

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Connecting with Nature to Enhance Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Wellbeing

Connecting with nature can enhance our wellbeing by reducing stress, anger, fear, depression, enabling us to feel more positive about life, and connecting us to something larger than ourselves.
The JNS Endeavor seeks to enable older adults to maintain their wellbeing by developing of an understanding of the benefits of connecting to nature through the design of our homes and our lives for sustainable living. 


Enabling older adults to enhance their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

 Work with us through: Workshops and speaking engagements  

Digital Literacy for Older Adults
Social Connections through Technology 


Social connectedness is imperative for healthy aging. Research has shown that when people are socially connected, they live longer, are healthier, and experience less depression. Social engagement is also linked to reducing the risk for dementia and enabling those living with dementia. To this effect, the JNS Endeavor works with older adults to ensure digital literacy and continued connections with loved ones.


Ensuring that older adults remain connected to friends and family
as well as enjoy new experiences available through technology use.

 Work with us through: Workshops 

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