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Global Citizenship: Seeking to take collective action to enable and empower others. Developing and sharing creative ideas to solve our global challenges.


Finding solutions to address poverty, inequity for women and girls, enabling good health for all, providing access to quality education, protecting our environment and its resources, innovating for the future together.

Building Global Citizens as community members, as parents, and as educators.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Empowering our Youth Through Social Entrepreneurship

  • Exploring what social entrepreneurship entails. 

  • Connecting student interests, skills, and knowledge to social entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Learning about the triple bottom line, designing for the environment, inclusive business, and the sustainable development goals

  • Embedding purpose and impact into social entrepreneurship. 

  • Building the soft skills needed for social entrepreneurship including confidence, leadership, emotional intelligence, collaboration, creativity and resilience.

Inspiring our Youth through Green Innovation

  • Exploring what sustainability and green innovation entail.

  • Learning about sustainable living and designing our lives for sustainability

  • Understanding biomimicry and what plants and animals can teach about green design. 

  • Exploring green space and green city design

  • Using a circular design challenge to inspire repurposing and reuse of old materials and products. 

  • Discussing the sustainable development goals and how youth can advocate for these goals.

Image by Greg Rosenke

Learning about Global Citizenship


  • Learning about global citizenship. 

  • Charting a path toward global citizenship

  • Connecting learning with global citizenship

  • Thinking about everyday actions that enable global citizenship.

  • Reflecting on local opportunities.

  • Advocating for global citizenship

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