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Enabling a New Generation of Green Innovators

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In this 5 module workshop, elementary students learn about green innovation through creative expression including story-telling, media arts, the visual arts, photography, imaginative material usage and repurposing.

Embedded within the program is scientific research, the use of key mathematical principles, and relevant aspects of social studies.

The journey begins with students discussing their values and beliefs and the connection to sustainability as well as sustainable living. Using story-telling, media arts, and photography, students create an impactful narrative to explain these concepts to their family and community members. Having understood these concepts, students are introduced to the world of science namely, to understand plants and animals and their natural processes of survival. Through biomimicry, students are challenged to seek novel ways to design products based on these natural processes-providing students the first opportunity to engage in green innovation.

Next, students learn about space and city design. Within this module, students are challenged to design natural spaces at home and at school using the concepts of biophilic design. Embedded in this activity are the mathematical principles of geometry. Alongside space design, students are encouraged to think larger as they design their own sustainable cities. Through visual arts and material usage, students have the opportunity to engage in hands on learning in this module.

Having completed the above activities, students participate in the circular design challenge with their peers. In this module, students learn about material repurposing and reuse through an exciting, hand-on toy repurposing challenge. This module is one our favorites! Students are encouraged to use their imagination to find creative ways to repurpose old toys into new creations. At the end of the design challenge, students present their creations to peers and teachers.

Finally, students discuss the 17 sustainable development goals and their relevance to their communities. Through writing, design, and art, students design a game to express their understand of these goals and their role in achieving these goals. Join us on this journey as we empower the next generation of green innovations. Contact us at to learn more about incorporating these modules or workshop in your classroom or school. #greeninnovation #sustainability #biomimicry #youthempowerment

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