Is my health, happiness, and
sense of purpose connected to
sustainable living?

Join us in this journey (free online course) to develop the sustainable living mindset. In this 4 week journey, we will explore health, happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment through sustainable living. Join us and share your sustainable living story.

Week 1: Creating a Good Life through Sustainable Living. Connecting our values and beliefs to sustainable living.
Week 2: Cultivating mindful
reverence for our food. Living a healthier and more fulfilling life through purposeful and responsible consumption.
Week 3:
Designing our homes and spaces for meaningful connections to nature. Finding peace of mind in nature through biophilic design.
Week 4:
Find meaning in relationships, in creativity, in having an impact beyond our individual lives by focusing on our passions and not products. 


My name is Dr. Minna Damani. My sustainable living story begins as a patient. An unexpected discovery convinced me that I needed to live a healthier and more purposeful life (scroll below to see my story). As my health situation resolved, my family and I made a joint commitment 6 years ago to live more sustainably. 

I have been teaching students for 6 years about sustainable living and management. Many of my students have continued to share their stories and have enriched my own story as new friendships have formed to support this journey. 

Join me now as I launch my new 4 week virtual course: Developing the Sustainable Living Mindset for all those interested in learning how to live sustainably or want to encourage their family and friends to embark on this journey.

Below is my invitation to you to this free virtual course. Join me in the launch of this new course...

The goal is to work toward good health, happiness, and the search for purpose through sustainable living. Together we will: 

  • Create a personal connection to sustainable living by understanding what matters to us most.

  • Enable good health through behavior change.

  • Protect our families and homes as we learn about detoxifying our living spaces

  • Become more aware of products, the producers and their commitment to people and the planet.

  • Understand our role through product choice to protect the people connected to these products.

  • Find sources of information that are honest and transparent. 

  • Recognize marketing strategies that entice us to consume beyond our needs. 

  • Design our living and work spaces to connect to nature as we seek to maintain our physical, emotional, and cognitive well being.

  • And learn how to find deeper happiness by focusing on our higher goals and our passions by moving away from unnecessary consumption.

Below is my own story toward sustainable living...


Visit our website at Building Global Citizens to learn more about our mission. 

I look forward to meeting you and creating new friendships on
October 31st from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST.

Add your name to the list of attendees to join the sessions or receive the recordings if you can't attend the live sessions. 

I will also be sharing this gift to help you on your sustainable living journey. Register for the course and receive: 

Our beautifully crafted Sustainable Living Personal Calendar enabling you to...


  • Plan your monthly goals and actions.

  • Follow the year's global environmental events.

  • Reflect on your month's outcomes, feelings, thoughts,
    product swaps, and behavior changes.

  • Follow and add to our 60 suggested product swaps and ideas.

  • Complete the end of year reflection on your health and wellbeing,
    your cost savings, and footprint changes.

  • Follow our 52 card pack with suggested behavior changes
    to support your sustainable lifestyle.