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The Happiness Through Purpose Project

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Create a Good Life of Purpose together.

The calendar can be used as a source of inspiration to adults, parents, seniors, educators in the classroom, and students.

Watch for the launch of our

Designing the Way Forward:
The Science of Purpose
to be launched in June 2023.

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Studies indicate that people who have a larger purpose in mind are more resilient, are better able to handle the challenges they face, and feel a deeper sense of happiness. Think about a moment in time when you were helping family members, friends/peers, or colleagues at work. Now reflect on your emotions and state of mind after. Savor that moment. 

We at BioEndeavor have initiated the Happiness through Project and calendar to enable you to feel many more of these moments. To feel a deeper sense of happiness by guiding you to find your larger purpose and ultimately to see the value in being a global citizen.

This journey, however starts first with you.

Happiness through Purpose

Never has it been more important than now to re-connect with our life and all that we value. As we reflect on the future, many of us are thinking about our goals and our larger purpose. Questions such as:

Where is my life heading?
                                          Am I really happy?
                                 What more do I want out of life?
                              How can I find meaning in my life?
                                      What is my larger purpose?

may be on our minds. The answers are there, but we may need someone to help us find them. To know that we are all asking these same questions and searching for the same answers. While happiness is the key to life, the central question we may hope to answer is where does deeper happiness come from? 

Whether you are an adult, parent, senior, educator, or student, we all need a guiding hand to enable us to find our larger purpose. Use the calendar to: 

  • Engage in self reflection.

  • Empower your children at home and students in the classroom.

  • Find opportunities to positively engage your co-workers or peers

  • Find opportunities to strengthen your connection to your community


It is our hope then as we begin this journey toward our larger purpose that we can turn our attention to driving positive change by: 

Visit our pages. Please contact us about our programs for you, your organization, institution, and school. We look forward to starting this journey with you. 

The BioEndeavor Team.


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Happiness through Purpose Calendar Image

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