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As part of Innovation Forum’s build up to the Consumer Engagement and Sustainability conference in London on November 9th, we wanted to share with you our new management briefing on ‘Fixing how consumers engage with sustainability’.
This report provides commentary on current consumer engagement trends. It elevates key industry challenges – for instance, the need for more sophisticated labelling and less jargon, as well as failure to translate sustainability communications into actual consumer purchasing decisions and actions. That’s not all, we’ve read the latest consumer engagement research (so you don’t have to) and gone one step further in providing a succinct analysis of this research in an easy and digestible format. The briefing also provides an update on consumer engagement issues in the media and recent campaigns as well as an interview with Jake Backus, a former customer sustainability director, who gives frank and honest insights on how to speak to consumers.  http://innovation-forum.co.uk/consumer-engagement-management-briefing.php

Fostering Behavior Change for Better Health

Using design thinking, researchers developed five distinct patient segments and created journey maps to chart the experiences of patients from each of these segments from diagnosis to long-term treatment adherence in the context of HIV management.

10 year old's perspective on empowering girls, microfinance and shared value
May 2015

I am a girl. My rights are human rights...Girls do have power.

Health, Prevention and Collaboration
Collaboration between the public health and health-care sectors will enable for the better use of prevention and early detection services. This collaborative approach seeks to build communities that encourage health first rather than disease management only.

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