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Engaging patients for drug repurposing: mapping the patient engagement continuum
The chance exists to engage patients directly through crowd research and patient journey mapping as well as indirectly through patient health information to seek new opportunities for drug repurposing. Case examples are used in this article to shed light on programs that have been initiated by a variety of stakeholders including patients themselves to elucidate drugs that potentially are candidates for drug repurposing.

Exploring open innovation with a patient focus in drug discovery: an evolving paradigm of patient engagement

It is suggested in this article that patient engagement should occur further upstream during the drug discovery stage. ‘Lead patients’, namely those patients who are proactive with respect to their health, possess knowledge of their disease and resulting symptoms. They are also well informed about the conventional as well as non-conventional treatments for disease management; and so can provide a nuanced perspective to drug design.

Learning from the Tres Cantos and AMANET Models of Collaboration

Open-source approaches for the repurposing of existing or failed candidate drugs

Open Innovation Case Study: Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Open Innovation Case Study: Pfizer's Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

Open Innovation Case Study: GSK's Centres for External Drug Discovery

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Managing Intellectual Capital Assets

Novel models of collaboration including pre-discovery consortia, R&D networks, centers of excellence, public-private partnerships, crowd-sourcing and web-based collaboration platforms are increasingly being sought for drug discovery and development activities. The opportunity to employ these emerging models of open innovation is not only determined by organizational structure and size, but equivalently by the goals of the endeavor namely—knowledge creation, dissemination, shared governance of intellectual assets, and the engagement of human capital across organizational boundaries.

A framework is developed in this article to consider the dimensions of partnerships from the perspective of intellectual capital assets. The length of partnerships and consequently the goals of knowledge creation as well as the degree of openness to participation and knowledge sharing are discussed as the initial two dimensions. A third dimension is then added namely--the complexity of the partnership with a role in the management of human capital.

The framework developed in this paper categorizes potential partnerships along these three dimensions, offers examples and then suggests lessons to be learned. As new participants emerge in the drug discovery process, expectations regarding knowledge creation and dissemination must be well articulated and meet the objectives of participation.


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