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Working in Africa and Asia, the AKDN tackles poverty on many fronts: improving access to quality education and health, increasing food security, creating economic opportunities for women and men, and building strong, resilient communities and local institutions.

Sustainable oceans – how business can manage risk and drive change

March 2016
Read more about:
•Sustainability trends – aquaculture as a supplement to sustainable natural seafood sources
•Cross-sector collaboration – corporate-NGO partnerships that deliver
•Emerging threats – how are retailers mitigating risk in their supply chain?
•Data digest – latest research and reports on seafood sourcing
•Activists and Campaigning – Who’s targeting whom and why: NGO focus on GM, traceability and slavery and forced labour in seafood supply chains

Connecting Customer Engagement with Sustainability
February 2016
An average of 9 out of 10 customers want to hear more about companies’ sustainability efforts and 8 out of 10 want to be engaged in companies’ sustainability activities.

Engaging patients for drug repurposing: Mapping the patient engagement continuum
November 2015
The chance exists to engage patients directly through crowd research and patient journey mapping as well as indirectly through patient health information to seek new opportunities for drug repurposing. Case examples are used in this article to shed light on programs that have been initiated by a variety of stakeholders including patients themselves to elucidate drugs that potentially are candidates for drug repurposing.

Fostering Behavior Change for Better Health

Using design thinking, researchers developed five distinct patient segments and created journey maps to chart the experiences of patients from each of these segments from diagnosis to long-term treatment adherence in the context of
HIV management.


10 year old's perspective on empowering girls, microfinance and shared value
May 2015

I am a girl. My rights are human rights...Girls do have power.

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